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Hello Lovelies, it's that time again, Plan With Me time!!! And also Freebie Time!!!
Ladies and Gents (if their are any gentlemen out there, comment down below :P) I have finally figured out my new schedule, hopefully this will last till September. So from now on I will be posting a plan with me, with the free printable of the kit I use in the PWM. Then on Friday's I will be posting a single sheet free printable, either functional stickers of functional deco, all on Friday's. Let me know what you think of this new schedule, and let's all pray I can keep it ahah. (its starting next week)

This weeks kit is 1 of 3 very summery kits that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. This Kit is called Hibiscus if you haven't realised by the title or by the picture it does have hibiscus' flowers on it ahah. This kit is perfect for someone who loves bright and bold colours, with the bright yellow and green, it gives it a more tropical vibe to the kit, but still a summery vibe.

The kit contains the same as always, with a functional page which has a quote full box to cover the thoughtful thought on the top corner of the Erin Condren. Then we have 7 heart checklist. 6 flags, 6 drops, 16 icons, 6 labels, one weekend banner, 8 dots, 8 full boxes, 8 ombre heart checklists, 8 half boxes, 6 event labels, 2 weekly side bar stickers, 2 habit stickers, 7 to do headers, 7 today headers, 7 bits & bobs, 7 extra headers, 24 bits & bobs labels, bottom and boxes washi.

- MissKellz

All icons and designs are from the following sites or if not created by 

me: Freepik  flaticon

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  1. HI Kelly,

    Your kits are stunning! Can you please tell me if they will fit the regular size Happy planner? I would love to use them.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi, the stickers fit the width of the happy planner boxes, but if you check my last post there is a plan with me in my happy planner if you would like to see how i use the stickers in the happy planner

  3. I can't get #2 to download. :(