June Monthly Colours! Sailor Kit - #FreePrintableStickers


Hello lovelies, I know it's been a while but school this last month has been difficult, a lot of project, presentations and exams all at the same time, but I have finished! School has finished! Forever! (well not really forever cause I'm going to university in September, but that’s a whole different story)
But now that school has finished I have time to come back to the blog, and I'm so ready to create new stickers, I have so many ideas and inspirations for some new things coming to the blog and I’m thinking of brining the ‘Plan with Me’s’ back, I have many ideas for new designs and new ways to plan and I can't wait to share them with you all. So let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do plan with me’s and maybe at the end of every month a video where I showcase all the stickers that came out here on the blog during that month.
I'd like to thank everyone who has still been coming here to the blog while I have been away, and I’d like to thank all the lovely comments I have received on my Instagram, you lovelies are so well lovely ahaha.
Throughout the next month I’m thinking to work more on functional stickers, seeing as that is what I always feel like I’m missing while I’m planning. I’m still going to make weekly kits but only once a week from now on and there will be a plan with me with them and maybe some extra videos here and there (we’ll see how it goes, no promises ahaha). So I’m sorry about the schedule changing around, but after my exams are done (which is in 2 weeks) I will sort out a new schedule for the new things coming on the blog.
Now! I should stop rambling and get to talking about the kit, shouldn’t I? ahaha
Well this kit was a little difficult to come up with because I was quite stuck with June’s colours, I like them, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them.
Ah! Before I forget, since I don’t have an Erin Condren myself and I probably won’t be getting one soon, I don’t have the new 2016/2017 colour codes so I’m going to be sticking to the 2015/2016 colours for now until someone leaks the hex codes for the colours ahaha.
Back to the kit, again! Ahaha This kit has all its usual bearings, I haven’t made any changes to the kits formats, yet! Ahaha. Well I did just change a few of the icons on the bits & bobs so I could change them to white, but other than that I haven’t changed anything.
This kit is a nautical/sailor kit, seeing as I have seen so many of them out on the YouTube world in hauls and ‘plan with me’s, I thought you guys would might like a free version ahaha
The quote for this week is “We cannot control the wind, but we can direct the sail” and I thought it fitted perfectly with this kit.
This kit, as always, has a functional page which has a quote full box to cover the thoughtful thought on the top corner of the Erin Condren (Which I referred earlier). Then we have 7 heart checklist. 6 flags, 6 drops, 16 icons, 6 labels, one weekend banner, 8 dots, 8 full boxes, 8 ombre heart checklists, 8 half boxes, 6 event labels, 2 weekly side bar stickers, 2 habit stickers, 7 to do headers, 7 today headers, 7 bits & bobs, 7 extra headers, 24 bits & bobs labels, bottom and boxes washi.

If any of you use this kit in your spreads, I’d love to see them. Tag me on instagram @planning_misskellz and I will sure comment and like the photo J
Hope you all enjoy the kits, and don’t forget to comment on what you think of the kit and the idea of plan with me’s and showcase videos
Love you all, lovelies.
See you next time,

All icons and designs are from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon

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