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Hello lovelies, and I'm finally back, its been over a month, I know I know, I'm a bad blogger, but this last month has been very productive, I have done all my exams, school is finally over and I never have to go back there and I'm so happy about that.
Other than that I took this break from the blog to get a big advance on designing. Because a couple of months ago I was getting a little stressed with trying to design kits the week of, so I decided to take this break and make amazing summer kits that I'm proud of because it was getting to a point I was just designing to get them posted and not enjoying it and not really proud of what I was releasing and stuff. So now everything is back in order and I have kits for the rest of the month all designed out and ready just to print out, film the plan with me and post.
OH yes, I nearly forgot this is the first (well technically 3rd) plan with me, proper one with a proper kit, and well edited, the lighting might not be the best but I'll have to work on that soon, slow and steady wins the race as they say.

This week’s kit I call the “Beautiful Reasons” kit and this kit is a watercolour kit, I created, I absolutely love this kit, I love the colours, everything. I just thought this would be a good way to start off this new beginning with something I really love
Next week, I think, I will be releasing the first sheet of the functional deco collection. I was planning on releasing one sheet every week, as well as the weekly kit with a plan with me.
Oh I forgot to say, the plan with me's that I will be filming will be rewind plan with me's seeing as I'm on summer holidays and I work during the evening, I never really know what I do during the day cause things just happen randomly during the week. This way, filming a rewind plan with me, I will know exactly what I did during the week and may also have some cool stories for you guys too.
Back to the kit, I always get distracted while talking about the kit. The kit contains the same as always, with a functional page which has a quote full box to cover the thoughtful thought on the top corner of the Erin Condren. Then we have 7 heart checklist. 6 flags, 6 drops, 16 icons, 6 labels, one weekend banner, 8 dots, 8 full boxes, 8 ombre heart checklists, 8 half boxes, 6 event labels, 2 weekly side bar stickers, 2 habit stickers, 7 to do headers, 7 today headers, 7 bits & bobs, 7 extra headers, 24 bits & bobs labels, bottom and boxes washi.
Never forget that I love you guys very much and appreciate every little comment and likes on Instagram, and tag me @planning_misskellz on your posts and I will defiantly comment and give you a follow J

And Happy planning, till next time lovelies

-         MissKellz

All icons and designs are from the following sites or if not created by 

me: Freepik  flaticon

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  1. These are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely and fun printables.
    Congratulations on finishing school, and the very best of luck on the next steps in your life.

    1. MissKellzJuly 12, 2016

      Thank You so much for your lovely words, i hope you enjoy these printables :)