May Collection - Cactus #FreePrintableStickers


Hello Lovelies!!!!
Today I bring you round 2 of Collections, May Collection. But unlike the last collection these are in Erin Condren Vertical size.
A friend of mine was looking at my stickers that I have here on the blog and she just randomly said "You need to make a catus one" and straight away I loved that idea, so I can't take credit for the idea its self. But that day as soon as I got home I went hunting for catus clip art. I found these gorgeous watercolour catcti and I fell inlove with stright away. 
This was initial going to just be a weekly kit, but as I was starting to create the full boxes I realized that this would be perfect for the may collection.
This collection is also in the new format simular to the new Weekly kit format, just with more pages and more stickers.
There are 5 A4 sheets each having 2 sticker pages, in total 10 sticker pages. These pages include:
- 8 Full Boxes
- Bottom washi 
- Box washi
- Icon sheet with 112 icons
- Bits&bobs Sheet with 44 bits&bobs labels
- Header sheet with 14 today headers, 14 to do headers, 14 bits&bobs headers, 14 extra headers
- 8 ombre heart checklists
- Functional shit that includes: 6 events, 2 weelys, 2 habit stickers, 3 drops, 3 flags, 3 labels, 12 extra icons and 2 movie ticket stickers
- Side bar sheet which includes 4 more weeklys and 8 three heart checklists
- 5 weekend banners
- 21 heart checklists


Hope you lovelies are enjoying these bi-monthly collections. The next collection will be July collection and it will be released at the end of june, so stay tuned for that.
See you on Monday with a new freebie
- MissKellz

All icons and designs from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon

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