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Hello my friends! This is the first post of my new “series” #LifeWithKellz which I will be posting every week or so as a midweek post and each post will be more about my life, whether it’s to do with ways I plan, DIY posts or even baking posts (which may or may not be coming out next week) So all these midweek posts will be about my lifestyle and things I love to do and that I’d love to share with you guys.

Now we have the explanation of #LifeWithKellz out of the way let’s get into the 1st edition of #LifeWithKellz which is ‘How I Plan’. Today I’m going to explain all the ways I plan. I’m going to explain to you lovely people how I colour code on my monthly spread and how I plan out each week, whether it’s in my personal ring bound planner or in my Unique planner (I have a blog post about my Unique Planner)
(if you get a little confused while looking at the photos and thinking its Chinese, well no ahaha, I live in Portugal so all my subjects are in Portuguese so excuse the subject names and maybe some other bits being in Portuguese)

                       1 - Colour Coding

I’m Still a student and some of you might not know but I’m on my last year of school and going to university in September. So cause of the big change that’s going to happen in the fall I’m trying to get my school planning ‘thing’ under control so I’m not going to university all in the dark and very confused with due dates.
I found the easiest way for me to organize what projects I need to give in when and what test I have when was to colour code. And when I say colour code I mean that each subject has a colour and in my monthly spread I use label stickers to organize myself.

I take simple white label stickers and colour them easily with some alcohol markers in each subject colour. I also made a little schedule in which every subject is coloured in the colours that correspond with the label colours, in a way it’s a mix of a key and a schedule. 

I also have certain label stickers which are also colour coded to organize my blog posts. In total I have 6 colours, 4 for school subjects, one for blog posts and one for extra things like birthdays and things like that.

        2- Weekly Spread in my Personal Planner

A couple of weeks ago I made some printable inserts which I posted here on the blog. I tried to use those inserts but I having to turn the page to see the rest of the week annoyed me so I created some different inserts where it still has Erin Condren size boxes but instead of having two boxes each day which caused the week having to pass onto a new page. The ones I created this time are similar to the sew much crafting inserts. I think the easier way to explain them is in a photo.
(Click Photo To Download this insert)

Anyway after all that bad explaining of the inserts. I use those inserts just to have a mini spread with a little decoration, because I sometimes find that my life is too boring to fill a big weekly spread ahah
I just use half boxes and labels to add all the important things like tests, and project dues during the week. On the side bar I put a little quote which I have in my new and improved kits, just to give that little kick of motivation along the week. On the side bar, I also put a little habit sticker just to track my workouts that I should do every day and I have ended up only doing it once this week ahah.

I always start by cutting out all my stickers and setting them out, which is an advantage with printable stickers is deciding where to put everything. After sticking all them down I simply fill it out, there isn’t really much to it.

This is the after math of printable sticker planning

             3- Weekly Planning in my Unique Planner

In my unique planner I usually use the bottom to put some personal stickers I made which are my subjects just so I can have a quick look on which subjects I have each day.
I like to plan with the checklists and the bottom then the bits and bobs and then the full boxes, I just find it easier to see what I have to do by looking from the bottom to the top, not really sure why ahah.
I use more my unique planner just to have fun decorating because I never really end up looking at it during the week but I absolutely love decorating it, so in the end all the spreads I do in my unique planner end up being mock spreads.

That’s the end of the 1st edition of #LifeWithKellz Let me know what you think of this new series and what kind of things you’d like to see in future editions of #LifeWithKellz
Thank you lovelies for reading and see you on Saturday!
-          MissKellz

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  1. Do you offer stickers for the happy planner?

  2. Great post again Kelly:) your effort is highly appreciated. And i hope that this series of" LifeWithNiels" will also get the same response as your earlier series have. I wish you great success in your life:)