May Floral - May Monthly Colour Weekly Kit #FreePrintableStickers


Hello Lovelies!!! And Welcome to May!!
I thought I'd post this a day late just so its up on the first of may, since this is the May colour Weekly Kit.
I absolutly love the may colours, the are gorgeous!! So I wasnt sad when I was creating this, thats for sure. I have all of may's freebies planned out, like a true planner addict ahah and of course this had to be the first one. And also since all the kits are planned out, there are scheduled date for when they come out. All I can say is that evey monday and saturday this month there will be a new kit, i can't specify which one is when cause it will spoil the surprise!
I have a little announcement: From June the 5th till June the 21st there will be no blog posts of freebies, I'm very sorry that I cant be posting on those days, it's exam weeks and these exams are very important, they tell me if im going to univeristy or not in the fall. So i can't have any distractions while in those weeks so im focused and prepared for these big exams. I hope you all understand. But as soon as exams are over i will be posting the July Collection!! So there is that to look foward to!

Back on to this weeks kit! 
Well since we are now in spring I had to create something with flowers, the may colours always remind me of flowers anyway. So a floral kit I present to you.
As always, in this kit we have a functional page which has a quote full box to cover the thoughtful thought on the top corner of the erin condren. Then we have 7 heart checklist. 6 flags, 6 drops, 16 icons, 6 labels, one weekend banner, 8 dots, 8 full boxes, 8 ombre heart checklists, 8 half boxes, 6 event labels, 2 weekly side bar stickers, 2 habbit stickers, 7 to do headers, 7 today hearders, 7 bits&bobs, 7 extra headers, 24 bits&bobs labels, bottom and boxes wahsi.

Hope you lovelies have a great rest of the weekend and a great week, come back tomorrow for a new Freebie :) love you all
- Miss Kellz

All icons and designs from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon

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  1. Thank you for all of these wonderful free stickers! I can't wait to print them out & use them!

  2. This is so kind of you. I love the "May" ones.
    Thank you