"Waves" Erin Condren April Monthly Colours #FreePrintableStickers


Hi guys, Welcome to the end of the first week in april. I know i know, this should have come out last week but well it didnt ahah. Well it's here! April Weekly kit! I present to you WAVES. as i was looking through clip art for the full boxes it took me a while to find something that in the blue and the purlple would connect together, then i found these waves and I thought, Perfect! Seeing as april showers I was wanting to asociate this month with water but didn't really like the idea of rain, cause it bring me down when its raining outside. So whats the next best thing? sea!! aka waves haha.hop you huys enjoy this weeks kit and tag me on instagram if you use it @planning_misskellz. i would love to see all the ways you creative genius' use this kit.
love you all lots and a special shout out to @siwilib on instagram :)
 - Miss Kellz

All icons and designs from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon

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  1. The download link isn't working. :-(

    1. So sorry about that, but here is the direct link http://jmp.sh/dNij4Zb

    2. It says bandwith exceeded