Personal Sized Inserts!! #FreePrintable


Hello my friends!!
I have created these awesome new inserts!!! I'm so happy.
These inserts are personal sized. They are formated to have 2 erin condren sized boxes each day, with the correct sized header space and the day of the week, all you need to do is write the day!
So i hope you all enjoy these inserts, they're in two seperate PDF files one from monday to thursday and the other one from friday to saturday.


Download here:

Thanks you guys!!! See you next week where i might just have the april monthly kit ;)

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  1. These look like just what I was looking for, are there any printing instructions? Thanks for the printable x

    1. MissKellzJuly 25, 2016

      To print these out, its very simple, just print the first PDF file then on the same page just pass it again through the printer, so it will print on the back, and print out PDF file number 2, easy as pie, as they say. I hope you enjoy these inserts and if you post a photo on instagram with these defiantly tag me @planning_misskellz, lots of love, MissKellz

  2. him trying to get the file for this printable but it won't let me download it. are u able to help please

  3. I'm trying to download this printable but it won't let me are u able to email it to me please