"Spring Green" Erin Condren March Colours #FreePrintableStickers


Welcome back my loves, I'm defiantly on a roll!
Well Today since its the 1st I have here some march coloured stickers. It's a march weekly kit which I have proudly named "Spring Green" and I'm quite happy with that name.
Okay, so this kit has all the usual's: 7 to do headers, 7 today headers, 7 bits&bobs headers, 7 heart check lists, 8 full boxes, 8 half boxes, 6 labels, 1 weekend banner,  all the bits&bobs labels, 12 icons and bottom washi.
I chose a mix of patterns for the boxes but all around the same greens and turquoise.
Well enjoy peps!

Love, MissKellz

All icons and designs from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon 

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