Movie Mini Kit #FreePrintableStickers


Hi lovelys!! I have been on a roll with making stickers lately. I updated my Pc to windows 10 and now its so much faster so its much easier to make stickers and dont have to wait 5 mins after making one shape. 
So back to this Freebie!! I found some really cute movie clip art which I was dying to use so I created this Mini Movie Kit.
It includes 7 heart checklists, 3 Flags, 3 droplets, 4 labels, 1 weekend banner, 2 half boxes, 4 full boxes, 1 movie marque and some clip art. So I hope you enjoy this little freebie and give me your thoughts on these mini kits

All Digital art taken from Freepik or flaticon rest created by me

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  1. Wow, love these stickers, I have already downloaded them and I am sure I will use them lots, thank you for sharing them xxx