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Hello lovelies, well this past week has been confusing, and i apologize but there will not be a plan with me this week. Let me explain: I was going to film my birthday spread on sunday, and edit and upload it for monday, but things didn't go to plan, on thursday (last week) I realised I had ran out of sticker paper and had to order some on amazon, the tracking said it was going to arrive on tuesday, and well its Sunday now and I still have no sticker paper, nor has my Happy Planner arrived yet, so thanks to the portuguese postal service there is no plan with me for this week, I was trying to wait to see if it arrived soon and I would upload 2 plan with me's after another, but it seems like that will not happen, and I didn't want this week to end without a free printable kit, so we have here the kit that was supposedly going to be released next week but hey, life is a b*tch sometimes and things don't go to plan, even in the planner community. But it's still a beautiful kit, I did film a plan with me that kind of went wrong half way through but the spread did still turn out beautiful.
Its a very summery tropical (as the title says) and is perfect for this month just to give the last little bit of summer we have, well says the person that lives in a country that is 40ºC.
This kit is the last kit before the grand reformat so it still has the same elements as the other ones: A functional page which has a quote full box to cover the thoughtful thought on the top corner of the Erin Condren. Then we have 7 heart checklist. 6 flags, 6 drops, 16 icons, 6 labels, one weekend banner, 8 dots, 8 full boxes, 8 ombre heart checklists, 8 half boxes, 6 event labels, 2 weekly side bar stickers, 2 habit stickers, 7 to do headers, 7 today headers, 7 bits & bobs, 7 extra headers, 24 bits & bobs labels, bottom and boxes washi.


Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoy these stickers, see you next time lovelies
- MissKellz

All icons and designs are from the following sites or if not created by 

me: Freepik  flaticon

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  1. Tropical Erin condern kit is looking like a nice product. It having so many types of stickers which you can use to celebrate your birthdays and festivals.

  2. sounds great because there are so many stickers banners to celebrate your happiness.Really appreciatig your effort nice work