Little Life Update #LifeWithKellz


Hi everyone, i know, i know, it's been ages, you all must of thought that i had quit his without telling you guys, and honestly i kind of did. It’s sad to say that actually. But since november i started to concentrate more on university and get my life together, for around 4 months i only slept 5 hours a night and had a 4 hour journey every day, so that was stressful, plus all the projects i'm doing, but it's safe to say that i have finished my first year of university. And with that said i finally got a chance to read all of your amazing and lovely comments here on the blog (also fixed a few download link problems).
I have to say that i did loose a bit of the passion for planning, i started a bullet journal for uni but it was the simplest thing just to get me organized, no sticker, i know, shocking! And also i have kinda fallen in love with makeup, like deeply in love. So that has been my recent obsession.
So i just wanted to give you an update of my life, and if you have any ideas of kits and planner stuff that i could make, feel free to share them in the comments. Also if you would like maybe a few more lifestyle posts here and there, let me know what you think.
Love you lot’s,

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  1. Awww reading your update was kind of sad! But i know that everyone has their priorities in life and this must be tough for you!