April Erin Condren Monthly Colour Sampler #FreePrintableStickers


Hey guys, back again. I think I have kinda decided a shecedule for these posts. I was thinking to be posting Freebies every Monday and Saturday. Anddddd I was also thinking of every once in a while posting a mid week blog post which would be more of a lifestyle blog post either to do with how I plan or organization tips or even some baking or DIY posts, which I may have some in the making ;) Please let me know if you'd like to see more lifesyle type post! :)

Okay back on to what the title says. ahaha. So I created a new Sampler simular to what I made for march but with a few diferent stickers and also in the April Erin Condren Monthly Colours. Which includes:
-7 heart checklists
- 2 half boxes
- 2 full boxes
- 3 event stickers
- 2 habit stickers
- 3, 3 heart check lists
- 6 flags
-6 drops
- 4 laptop icons
- 4 laundry basket icons
- 3 spray bottle icons
- 4 vacuum icons
- 6 dots

Hope you guys enjoy this freebie. Every month I will try to make one Sampler and one Weekly kit for the Erin Condren Montly colours 

Thanks For all your guys' support here on the blog :) love you lots!!!
- MissKellz

All icons and designs from the following sites or if not created by 
me: Freepik  flaticon

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