Plan With Me #2 | 11-17 Jan | MissKellzPlanning (Free Sticker Printable)


Welcome back Guys and Gals, for this week's Plan With Me. 

So this week we have a grey and turquoise theme. And as I'm Posting this my new planner arrived so I think I might post a first impressions video tomorrow on my channel then in 2 weeks post a review here on the blog. Let me know what you gals think of that :)

By Next week I will have my new stickers, reformatted here on the blog and as downloads you will get to choose Erin Condren size stickers or "My size" stickers which are the same stickers a little smaller to fit in my planner and maybe, if i can find the dimensions, online, I might make a horizontal kit for the ECLP. Let me know if you guys would like to see those. 

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