How I Store My Printable Stickers


Hi guys and gals, Miss Kellz here.
So I invented this way to mimic a  sticker sheet but in a reusable way.
How did you do that Kellz? I hear you ask.
Well you know what is left when you peel off vynl? well you can stick stickers or anything sticky and then peel then and put them back on with ease.
So what i did was: using double sided tape I stuck a sheet of the backing on too an old insert from my personal planner and stuck another on the back side. I re-punched the holes and put some cello tape on the sides just to make them straight and smooth. I made a couple dozen of these and put them in a spare ring bound planner I had. (back story on this planner: it was my mum's gay best friend's planner and he was a famous fashion designer back in the 90's. Well now its mine :P )
And then for my other stickers that I purchased from Ebay I just used some cello tape on the back of the sticker then another strip on the sticky side of the first one but making sure not to cover any of the stickers then just punched holes in them to fit in my planner.

That's it really. That's how I store my stickers.
Miss Kellz

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