Introducing Miss Kellz Planning


Hi, My name is Kelly but all my friends call me Kellz so this here is my new project "Miss Kellz Planning" here I'm going to post videos of my weekly plan with me's and also the free printable of the kit i used in the plan with me, I will always use my own stickers that I made with Photoshop and here is a way for me to share that with you guys. I will post the PDF of each kit I used and I may make mini extra kits like with side bars or icons or school stickers, since I'm still at school I will be putting school related stickers in my planner. This is all to basically share my love of planning on a budget with all you lovely wanna-be planner girls but are broke out there. I feel you girls, I have been like that for a year. So right now I am using a Collins binder personal size planner (which I bought on Amazon) but I'm about to order a new planner for 2016 (yaay) and I have chosen the Pirongs A5 Unique Lifestyle Planner in the vertical layout. I'm going to buy this on Amazon (15£) 
So this is what it looks like sad thing is that that it will only arrive on the 12th of January so my first plan with me might still be in my Collins binder planner. My first plan with me will be the week of the 4th - 10th of January 2016 and I'm thinking of posting these on Sunday nights if not, Monday afternoons (if i remember ahah). I'm really looking forward to starting this Blog, Oh and where I'm posting the videos is on my Youtube channel with I will also be posting it on here so if you would like to subscribe to the Youtube channel would be lovely and I will love you forever ;) 

Well I'm going to sign out here,

Lots of Love, 

MissKellz <3

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